Why Your Business Needs A Data Protection Solution

Why Your Business Needs A Data Protection Solution

Why Your Business Needs A Data Protection Solution 1174 618 Vyve Business

Why is a Data Protection Solution Important for your business? As your business grows, your data becomes more valuable. Businesses are seeing solutions to ensure their teams can store and retrieve all information regarding work activities. You can think of Data Protection as an insurance policy for your organization.  Just as you protect your physical assets with insurance, data protection provides a safety net for your critical data. Hopefully, you will never have to cope with a natural disaster, fire, service outage, or cyberattack, but you need to be prepared. Your business data protection will backup and restore quickly in the event of a failure, and replicate backups remotely.  This blog will discuss Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity which is crucial to your business.


What is DATA BACKUP? Data Backup involves making copies of your data from primary sources and adding them to a secondary location to protect against data loss. A data backup plan is essential for any business, as data is one of the most vital resources and assets for any organization. Data loss can lead to severe disruption of your daily operations and irreparable damage to your  reputation. There are several ways your business could potentially lose company data including:  Ransomware attackers demanding money to get your data back, a disgruntled employee who erases data, a computer hard drive crash, or a natural disaster.


Data Backup STRATEGY: There are numerous elements to consider when deciding on the type of strategy you should use including:  Cloud Services that keep your storage in a separate location, Offsite Backups where they can be accessed manually or through the cloud (The IT industry’s baseline is the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy). Optimize a Backup Schedule, and Backup Testing to restore data quickly.


What is DATA RECOVERY? Every business needs to be able to recover quickly from any event that stops day-to-day operations. Disaster recovery relies on having a solid plan to get critical applications and infrastructure up and running after an outage. An effective DR plan addresses different elements for recovery including:

  • Preventative by ensuring your systems are as secure and dependable as possible,
  • Detective measures that focus on detecting or discovering unwanted events as they happen in real time.
  • Corrective measures that ensure backup operations to reduce impact.


Data Recovery STRATEGY: The types of disaster recovery will depend on your IT infrastructure, type of backup and recovery you use, and the assets you need to protect. There are 4 Different Types of Data Recovery Services including:  Logical data recovery, Physical data recovery, Instant data recovery, and continuous protection of data.


What is DATA CONTINUITY? A continuity plan is in place to respond to threats to data security, including significant data breaches or near misses, and it is evaluated frequently. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) involves defining any and all risks that can affect the company’s operations. The plan should determine how those risks will affect operations and implement procedures to mitigate the risks.


Business Continuity PLAN: There are several steps many companies must follow to develop a solid BCP. There should be testing procedures to ensure standards and procedures work with a review process to make sure that the plan is up to date. There are 5 Phases of a Business Continuity Plan to help maintain the business.


In Conclusion:  Data Protection Solutions are crucial for any business when implementing a protection strategy. Vyve Business Services Data Protection Solution is powered by industry leading technology, includes our team-based approach in monitoring and managing, and offers reporting and statistics to provide the peace of mind that all system backups are complete. Contact us today to schedule a free technology consultation – finding out what your business needs is a short step away. Just call 1.844.VYVE.COM.