Fiber Internet

Dedicated fiber-optic Internet.

For those data hungry business operations or high security needs, our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offers matched upload and download speeds scalable up to 10Gbps (10,000Mbps).

Is your business is fiber ready?

Has your organization started moving towards cloud-based applications? To ensure your cloud solutions are fast and reliable, your Internet connection needs to be too. As each employee logs into these tools on your network, it takes a little more speed away from the available Internet bandwidth.

A fiber optic Internet connection is a fast, reliable connection offering speeds greater than competing technologies.

Does your business have large upload requirements?

If your business uploads large amounts of data via streaming, inventory processes, working files, or other high bandwidth needs, fiber Internet is a great fit for you. Choosing a fiber Internet connection provides greater upload speeds to support fast file transfers, multi-tasking and video-conferencing effortlessly.

How much will downtime cost your business?

Fiber Internet not only offers 99.99% reliability and sturdy SLAs, but also requires less troubleshooting. Employees and IT Teams will spend less time maintaining the system overall, time that can be better invested in moving the business forward.

As part of the Vyve Total Business Solution, Fiber Internet will power your phone lines, your cloud operations, and managed services giving your business a high-tech infrastructure ready to scale to meet today’s evolving needs or tomorrow’s business growth vision.

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