The WiFi solution your small business can rely on.

The perfect addition to your Vyve Business Internet service.

What is eero Mesh WiFi? It’s the private, secure wireless small business network you’ve been waiting for.

Have you ever had your streaming music skip, jump, and freeze or had customers complain that they can’t get online? If so, you need eero Mesh WiFi. It’s a mesh network that enables multiple eero routers to work in unison to improve your WiFi network’s range, speed, and stability.

World-class mesh WiFi hardware combined with intuitive business software.

Icon: Business-Grade WiFi

Business-Grade WiFi

Fast, reliable, and secure eero wifi with TrueMesh that reduces drop-offs and dead spots.

Icon: Reduce Operational Head

Reduce Operational Head

Easy to set-up and manage business networks, with access to eero support to help prevent network downtime.

Icon: Branding Opportunities

Branding Opportunities

Curate custom experiences for visitors that will elevate your brand.

Icon: Added Control

Added Control

Support guest users without giving them unfettered access to the network.

Icon: Compliance Included

Compliance Included

Connected users will be able to click to accept T&C agreements, acceptable usage policies and privacy notices.

Icon: Always On

Always On

Local network stays up, even if the cloud goes down, to keep your business running.

Tools designed for businesses.

The eero for Business program includes a new suite of management tools for businesses to manage and control their bundled eero devices.

A studio photo of a group eero Pro 6

Multiple SSIDs

Enable up to four SSIDs to securely segment your network.

  • Cordon off business critical devices for added security.
  • Keep the local network running, even if cloud-access goes down.
  • Set access time limits and bandwidth caps by segments.
Group of young adults in a cafe on their devices with an eero PoE 6 on the wall

Captive Portal

Create a customized WiFi experience for visitors.

  • Define connection times and bandwidth limits for additional control.
  • Create customized splash pages to build your brand.
  • Wall-to-wall coverage ensures your customers and your business stay connected.
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