Hosted Voice: Modernize Your Phone System to Boost Growth

Hosted Voice: Modernize Your Phone System to Boost Growth

Hosted Voice: Modernize Your Phone System to Boost Growth 150 150 Vyve Business

Look inside your business’ telecommunications closet – what do you see? If you said a lot of wires, maybe even with a sigh, then this blog post is just for you! Read on to find out why, no matter the size of your business, investing in a hosted voice solution is your ticket to doing business better and growing faster!

The Importance of Your Phone System: Modernity Equals Efficiency

When you think about it, no one likes wires. That’s one of the reasons why society embraced Wi-Fi, smartphones and Bluetooth. These kinds of technologies not only allow for a reduction in physical wires, but they also enable individuals more freedom of possibility – the chance to explore and grow as desired.

It’s the same with your business’ phone system. No matter the size of your business, efficiency matters because it’s your stepping stone to better growth and new business development opportunities. In many ways, all businesses are a type of call center. Furthermore, statistics show that when they want to talk to you, customers still overwhelmingly prefer picking up the phone. With a little bit of foresight and planning, you can adopt a voice solution that’s going to pay dividends in helping you keep in touch with your team members and customers whenever, wherever…and more importantly, reliably. Doing this is definitely going to boost your business. Here’s how.

Leaving Legacy Voice Solutions Behind

If you’re a smaller business with growth ambitions, then you likely already know that Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines have been phasing out for over a decade. Carriers are beginning to discontinue service (making it costly to keep using POTS lines) and requiring customers to officially shift to modern call-making technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). A similar scenario is happening for those businesses leveraging old keyline phone systems. When a business first starts out, this type of system might suffice. However, as the business grows, it will soon find itself restricted by a lack of business-boosting features as well as a distinct lack of scalability.

Scalability and efficiency are also issues for bigger businesses leveraging on-premise PBX phone systems. On-premise PBX offers businesses a high level of control over their voice communications by bypassing the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for internal communication. It also reduces operating costs since it enables shared use of lines that connect to the PSTN for outside calls. But wait! While a more modern technology, on-premise PBX poses high up-front costs for equipment and software licenses. It also places the burden of maintenance and network security on businesses themselves, some of whom might not have the internal IT expertise needed. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Your Hosted Voice Future: Mobility and Growth

Imagine being able to start a call in your office and switch to your mobile phone in a breeze, without dropping the connection. Imagine the freedom to concentrate on growing your business without having to spend time and money on managing hardware. Imagine being able to pay only for what you need right now with the ability to add on more features/services as your business grows. That’s the power of Vyve Business Services’ Hosted Voice Solution. It’s a fully managed, feature-rich turnkey system that enables our customers to combine and leverage best-in-class voice options as they please.

The world of work is always changing, and these days, more people than ever are eager to continue working from home. In many cases now, businesses have to think about connecting employees at different office sites with those at home offices. Mobility and multi-site setups have now become hot button issues for businesses and governments in the markets we serve. With full mobility features, our Hosted Voice solution gives you the ability to be completely out of the office and yet still able to jump in and communicate with your teammates and customers as necessary. It’s the freedom to grow your business while doing what you need to do!

Importantly, our Hosted Voice solution is on a fiber network that we own and operate. That’s a big deal because it means that we always have your back. A hosted voice provider that doesn’t also handle your business internet service can easily tell you to check with your internet service provider (ISP) when you’re in a pinch. Not us. With in-built resilience that delivers maximum uptime, our customers get to enjoy inherently secure, low latency voice services with a veritable plethora of features designed to make work life simpler and better. We get that each business is different in some way – that’s why we offer this solution to you, your way. Pick the features you want now and select more as you go. Tell us what you need!

  1. Looking for hosted voice and pbx services? We have it.
  2. Want to lease or buy equipment? We can help.
  3. Wondering if our voice solution covers call centers? Yes, it does!
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  5. Call Recording, Call Reporting, Enhanced IVR? Absolutely.

At Vyve, we believe in partnership. We’re not the kind of company that ships you a box of equipment with instructions and considers our job complete. We are going to be there for you to set up the equipment, train you on how to use it and help you troubleshoot any issues should they arise. Our ongoing support is also customizable. You can manage as much as you like, and we’ll step in where you want us. It’s a personalized touch that bigger service providers can’t match.

Whatever needs you have, we can work together to find the answer. Businesses that want to grow need a modernized, scalable and easy to use voice solution. A hosted voice solution like Vyve’s is the perfect answer. With a little planning and the help of a trusted partner like us, you can get a voice solution that’s going to power your business now and into the future. Build what you need right now and add as you grow! Contact us today to schedule a free technology consultation – finding out what your business needs is a short step away. Just call 1.844.VYVE.COM.