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State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance 200 200 Vyve Business

Vyve has been my provider for nearly 10 years. They have always been courteous and are prompt to address any service issues. Very competitive pricing.

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SignKing 200 200 Vyve Business

As a graphic design and sign shop, Internet connection plays a key role in my day to day workload. Vyve’s experience in service and top notch coverage provides me with a worry free connection that is exceptionally priced. Vyve helps me provide my customers with what they want within the timely manner they expect.

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Vincent Wealth Management

Vincent Wealth Management 200 200 Vyve Business

It’s been over a year since we moved our account to Vyve. Service has been dependable and exactly as promised. Best of all, expense was reduced over 50% from what we were paying!

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Benedictine College

Benedictine College 200 200 Vyve Business

I have used Vyve to provide fiber, cable and internet connectivity for several years. They are dependable and reliable. Their customer service and responses to requests and assistance is second to none. Vyve’s internet pricing has always been competitive and consistent. I never have a problem recommending Vyve’s services.

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TH Rogers Lumber Company

TH Rogers Lumber Company 200 200 Vyve Business

We have 35 locations over 4 states and I deal with many different communication companies. Vyve has been the easiest to work with from start to finish by far. I am just waiting for them to expand their footprint to the rest of our towns!

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First Arkansas Insurance

First Arkansas Insurance 200 200 Vyve Business

Vyve went above and beyond to supply my office with service which involved installing a pole and running new lines to my office. We are so happy to have changed our service as our internet has never run faster and smoother. Definitely a fan and would be happy to recommend Vyve to anyone that is considering service.

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The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center 200 200 Vyve Business

I switched to Vyve after becoming frustrated with slow Internet speeds and unreliable service with my previous provider. Since switching I have been extremely pleased with the speed and consistency of service I have received with Vyve, not to mention saving myself over $100 a month. I am now both a business and home customer. I would recommend Vyve Broadband Internet for your business or home without hesitation.

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Valero 200 200 Vyve Business

We upgraded our internet to Vyve’s high speed broadband. Since doing that, we have been able to process more transactions and do them faster. It is an all around better experience than the competition. We love the high speed internet.

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Sonnier Family Fitness

Sonnier Family Fitness 200 200 Vyve Business

After being with another provider for years due to them being the only provider in our area, I was very happy when Vyve came in and upgraded the lines for high speed. I have absolutely no problems downloading, conferences with video, anything at all. Service is friendly, knowledgeable, and usually pretty fast. Switching to Vyve has been a great decision and one I definitely do not regret.

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Fred’s Tire & Battery

Fred’s Tire & Battery 200 200 Vyve Business

We have regular customers that come in every month for oil changes and they really like that we have the free Vyve WiFi. People bring in their laptops and tablets, they’re impressed with the speed and definitely less impatient about their cars. The local Vyve guys are good guys and Vyve has hired over 100 employees here in Shawnee alone. I know they’re invested in my community.